First Blog Post

I just completed Wes Bos's Master Gatsby​ ​ This was my 3rd Wes Bos course, after Beginner Javascript, and Learn Node.

I wanted to redesign my personal website so I thought this was a good chance to practice what I learned and rewrite everything into something useful. This website is mostly my chance to direct students to useful content like math videos I have recorded to help them with their homework.

The old version can be seen here.

It is also a good spot to show off some of my favorite little code ideas. I am still trying to Master adding some of my old vanilla JS stuff into the Gatsby workflow. Some features need a page refresh to work correctly.

What Will You Build

I know I will get the bugs worked out eventually.

My biggest challenge writing this was learning all about Sanity.io Portable text and especially getting the serializer working.